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Rebel Savant takes pride in making high quality, handcrafted aftermarket watch straps and accessories from the finest leathers and exotic materials sourced from around the world. With locations in Iowa and Texas, we handcraft all of our products proudly in the USA. We provide our custom items typically within 3 weeks of your order, and direct to you at a fair price because we don’t work through retail. We strive to provide our customers with an easy to understand online experience, providing excellent products and helping to educate the watch wearing public on the ease in which to change their own watch straps safely and comfortably. By changing the strap or metal bracelet of a watch, one can dramatically change the look and feel of it, providing for even more enjoyment of each time piece day after day.

Made from only the best materials

Our History

We are a family of makers by trade, having built a manufacturing business over two generations catering to the needs of large industrial companies around the world. Our side passion for watches and leather crafting is what drove us to want to pursue the leather goods industry back in 2013 as a new and creative way to put our processing and materials knowledge to work. We felt that there were many leather products in the market that were either cheap and poorly made, or very well made and quite expensive. We wanted to create high quality, unique handmade products at price points that made fine leather items more accessible to more people. And we wanted to do all of this with the use of highly trained and well compensated artisans in the USA. We hope you enjoy your Rebel Savant experience and come back for more.


How did you come up with Rebel Savant?

Firstly it sounds cool so there’s that. But seriously, our name represents exactly what we are trying to accomplish. Rebel – Go against the grain, change things up, do something new and creative, challenge the status quo. Savant – Become as highly skilled on your journey along the way and people will come back for more.

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